Monday, June 14, 2010

Spin a Yarn

I have enjoyed several activities with needle and thread over the years. Cross stitch leaves me with cute little designs on cloth, poked fingers, and I tend to vary from the patterns. Basically, I do that better if I can make it up as I go along. Crochet was fun, I made various odds and ends, scarves and some wraps. I tried to knit, my friend taught me a basic stitch, but it seemed that every time I would pick it up again, my hands would refuse to learn how to remember.

I found a loom that you can knit from and have been enjoying that thoroughly. A few blankets, wraps, and scarves later, I’m finding that it is very relaxing for me. Well, that and apparently everyone is getting scarves for Christmas. Ha!
The thing is, I found yarn several months ago on sale. I was very excited, it was the fluffy and soft kind and in colors I liked. I went to the checkout and I hear this guy behind me talking to his friend about how someone must really be depressed. Since when did yarn mean depression? Doesn’t a yarn generally mean creation of a story or creation of something else? What an odd thought that it means depression.
Anyway, I have been working on this scarf, a new style for me. The ends have a more finished look and everything else has a slightly rawer look. But, what I really like is that there are green glass leaves knitted into the whole thing. Nearly matching the color of the scarf, it should be a subtle effect, but kind of fun. I guess when it comes down to it; I need something in my hand to do, be it yarn or thread or a book, or even a laptop to write on. I don’t sit still well without something else to do. I wonder what else I could take up. Drawing perhaps or painting? I don’t think carving would work – I am much too much of a klutz for that. So many options, options that I could spin a yarn about.