Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Enough – Is it Enough?

It was a frustrating week. I was trying to pull together something involving a group of people and it seemed that the biggest inclination was to avoid eye contact and hope they didn’t get called on. Others tried to provide encouragement, “well, that’s better than if nothing was done.” I know they really meant to encourage and I thank them for that. However, my frustration was and is still there. Then, just like a seesaw, I find myself bouncing over to the other view point – how often have I fallen short of what I should or could have done? Many times. So I hold my tongue a while longer.

I think the thing that bothers me about that statement though is, is it really acceptable to put forth only good enough in front of God? Isn’t that a bit like taking the best sacrifice lamb and holding it back only to put something a little less forth? Part of me just wants to fume, to fuss and complain. Part of me wants to throw it all up in the air and toss the paper and files to someone else – you deal with them! Part of me wants to fall to my knees and plead for forgiveness for the times I have driven someone else to this frustration.
At the end of the day, God is able to take this less than and use it as if it were the best. I pray he does.

I wrote this and then a few hours later - someone called and that took care of another piece of the puzzle.  God really does take care of all the parts and pieces, even when we can't offer our best.