Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cowboy

   He is a man with a dream and a love of the wild mustangs. Having seen these horses living in stock yards, milling about without room to run, he made the decision to chase his desire. Acres and acres of land were purchased for a home for these wild mustangs. He brought them to their new home and set about creating a sanctuary for them.

   I just saw a photo of this man, who will soon be turning 85, in a photo with a horse. He is leaned onto the fence post. His white hat sitting so naturally on his head, strong hands who know a horse and how to work a ranch for a horse rest so naturally on the fence. A large black horse with a thin white stripe down its nose has nestled in to the navy blue sleeve of his windbreaker. They look as if they are the best of friends and are sharing a comfortable and long standing conversation.
   A cowboy with a dream decided to take the chance and pursue it. As a result, scores of beautiful horses have found a home. Now, the descendants of those first horses roam the land. They run, play in the fields, nurture their babies amongst the pines, and splash in the streams. What a beautiful dream of the cowboy. I’m so glad he pursued it. What dream should we pursue?