Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stay Out of My Purse

   Have you ever wondered why women don’t want you poking around in their purse? I mean, even the best of friends will hand each other their purse to find something – and these are the same women who will go through all of the drawers and cabinets in the house to find something. We blanche when someone even looks at our purse in the I need something in there, I know it’s in there, and I’m going to go get it face.

   Why? Well…..
   As for my purse, it’s a mess most of the time. They hand me a receipt at the store, it goes in my purse. Wrappers when there is no trash can handy, ticket stubs, shopping lists, and to-do lists – they all take up their own place and position in amongst the actual purse type things. So, I don’t really care to have you rifle through my mess. It’s my mess, I’ll do it.
   It’s also my pocket of information. We all need a place that is ours, and this is mine. Normal purse documents are there, but also things like a little book and a card I carry. When I see those special things, even when rummaging for the two pounds of spare change in the bottom, they trigger my memory and I remember exceptional friends and unique happenings.
   I’ll share a lot with you, perhaps – if I know you really really really really well, even my straw. But, stay out of my purse.