Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unrecognized Heroes

   It’s not glamorous, not a matter of news reports, but I would like to take a moment to recognize some normally unrecognized heroes.

   To the trash collectors, thank you! Thank you for gathering the stuff that we are getting ready of. Without you, we would be back in the middle ages with trash being thrown in the middle of the road. Truly, society hinges around hygiene in some ways, and you are a big part of that infrastructure!
   To the waiters and waitresses, thank you! Thank you for working hard even when you’re feet are screaming and your back hurts, even when you are tired of complaining customers. Thank you for your work and service. When you serve, it lets us take a break and it is appreciated. I hope you can be served soon.
   To the teachers, the nurses, the janitors, the secretaries, the bus drivers, the volunteers, the sales clerks, the pastors, and the lab techs – thank you! Thank you for your work, your contributions, your part.
   And I promise I don’t mean to sound overly emotional, but I wanted to say thank you to my parents. I am so proud to be your daughter.