Saturday, September 25, 2010

Practicing Gratitude

   I’ve been working on not grumbling with some limited success. I may not be as quick to grumble out loud, but it is often still in my mind. So, with that literally in mind, I’ve started a different tactic. While I will continue to work on not grumbling, I am working on having a grateful heart.

   Why not grumble? Why not moan and complain? Why not mumble at the computer and at the phone and at the pile of things I need to get done? Why not be a grouch when people don’t read the directions or are grumpy first? Well, probably because I need to have a heart that is grateful and to be aware that the direction not-readers or the grumpy people might have their own difficulties going on. The computer is just a piece of technology and my grumbling at it probably won’t help. I may wish to unplug the phone, but I’m grateful for the technology.
   I don’t want to grumble because I want my attitude be such that others can see something positive in me. Attitudes are contagious, I want to share a positive attitude.