Friday, September 3, 2010

Why do we say Amen

   The people half whisper, half say amen at the close of a prayer. The southern gospel joy finds the hand raised and an amen shouted out clearly. Kneeling before a bank of candles, the prayer ends with an amen that is whispered into the flames. It is a word that you may be familiar with, hearing quite a bit through a child’s prayers, church services, and music. But, it can be easy to just know the word and not know what it means.

   The word, amen, is used to end prayers and express our joy. But, why do we say it? It is a word with a long history, from Hebrew to Greek and out to other languages. It is used to express hearty approval and solemn agreement. The Hebrew word is about nourishment and strength. It is about being firm in truth and faith. It’s the absolute, bedrock firm, truth which you just simply must declare with a verbal declaration and in agreement with the truth of God.
   Verily, truly, God is good. Amen.