Monday, September 13, 2010

Those Handy Southern Aphorisms

   There are some very handy sayings that I learned when living in the sunshine state of Florida. Though you may not hear ya’ll from me very often, I can lapse back into that at any moment. There were other things thought that are quite useful…

   There are differences in each region of the country. From the ma’am and sir of the south to the eh of the middle north, we speak the same English with our variances. We call the same things by different titles, coke and pop and soda; or lunch and dinner and supper.
   Subtle differences and yet, these words speak of our colorful distinctions amidst the larger picture of the country. In the same way, within a community or school or workplace, we have diversity. Instead of trying to alter each other to make us each the same, let’s revel in the variety and learn from each other.