Thursday, September 30, 2010


   From all over the world, from all over the state, and the community we arrived at a high school. Pulled there by Navy families, businesses, and those who had lived there for their entire lives, we seemed the odd mix. In fact, I think in eighth grade we were called an odd mix. Four years later, amidst caps and gowns and square topped hats, we left our daily community of each other.
   Thirteen years later, I am seeing new connections, friendships that are even stronger than before, and some of the reason why we were put together. Our experiences have pulled us together in ways that I never would have expected. The people who were close then may still be close now, but the friend base has expanded, and the resulting connections are amazing!
   I have witnessed encouragement, idea sharing, excitement, picture sharing, and waiting with great anticipation over a new baby or a new milestone. It’s amazing how the connections have grown, changed, and matured.
   We were an odd mix, and still are; still something I claim as a great way to be recognized. But, we could never have chosen each other. And yet, the combination of that school community exists in such a way as that even today I have seen one friend reach out to another. It’s moved beyond the cliques, the less than graceful teenage moments, to something new and yet familiar. What God knew then, when we were in the halls of the school, I’m getting to see play out now. It’s a wonderful plan!