Friday, October 1, 2010

The Smell of Fall

   The time of year, I eagerly await the first day that smells like fall. The combination of musty leaf smell, with the sweet smell of pumpkins on the breeze signals the changing season. Unlike the warm smell of summer, the fall smells carry so many different things with them. Last night, just for a moment, I caught a hint of the autumn smells and was so excited.

   It is the smell of leaves, wet with the cooler rains and the earth cooling for winter. The smell of chili on the stove, with crackers and cheese melted in. The quiet of a cool fog on the river, as the sound of the boat horns cut through the stillness. Leaves that dry and scatter across the ground start crackling like the bonfires, with the aromatic smells of the wood being caught in their smoke. I’m so looking forward to another fall, another season of smells and sights to enjoy.