Wednesday, October 20, 2010


   Imagine sitting in a chair trying to read a book. Next to you, someone sits with a basket full of distractions. They pull out a CD, come listen to the new song! They pull out a clock, running out time, better hurry! Mail, bills, obligations, wants, needs, hopes, dreams – they all come out of the basket and put in front of my face. “Hello, pay attention to me!”  Very frustrating!

   Last week, the distractions were a little more urgent. I found myself getting caught up in the distractions a little bit more every day. By the mid-week I was ready to eat large amounts of chocolate and sink into a general sense of frustration.
   That is, until I had a moment of refocus. It was just a simple Psalm, but the words had the same effect as someone taking hold of my face and gently pulling it around to look in a new direction. My focus was off! My focus was on the distraction and my frustration grew. When I refocused and instead put God back into the central spot, I found the frustration decrease. It amazed me how my perspective changed when my focus changed.