Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Sighting

   A news report several days ago told of how social networking software is making celebrity sightings more like celebrity stalking. The reporter was questioning if the fans of a movie star really needed to know what coffee they are having or if they stopped in at the grocery store to get a loaf of bread. It hit me that we may be spending a lot of time tracking down these people who are good at projecting different ideas and personalities through scripts. But, what if we were working on using social media for God Sightings instead?

   Did you see God today? I did! I saw him in a little girl walking to school, book bag in hand and skipping her way down the sidewalk. I heard him yesterday in the music, laughter, and discussion of a group of people seeking to build and grow each other. I saw him in a hospital, holding a scared patient’s hand. I saw him in a celebration, singing along.
   I don’t really care what type of coffee the movie star drinks or what type of bread they get at the grocery store. But, I do care about God being there. Take a look, do you see any God sightings?