Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Festival

   Today, a yearly Fall Festival occurs at our church. It’s not really all that fancy, but it’s a fun day of music, friendship, food, and activities. I’ve helped at all of these festivals that I’ve been around for, and each one has had its own personality. One of the first memories I have is the weather being so hot that I ended the day standing in a pile of ice. Then, there was the festival that I really couldn’t walk because I had a bum leg. I remember the donuts being a big hit, they were freshly made and so yummy! A fire truck comes, which is a favorite with the kids big and small. A scarecrow contest has been held a few times, which showcased some amazing creativity!

   It’s not about anything fancy, anything terribly elegant. It’s about time together to have fun. It’s a lot of work, but with many helpers the load becomes much easier to bear. I’m looking forward to today, even though by the end of the day my feet will be blistered and I will be so ready to see my bed. If you are around, come on out! And bring a can for the food pantry, you can help serve someone in need, because hunger is a terrible thing.