Monday, October 25, 2010


   We are excited to welcome a new puppy into our lives in a few weeks. A little black male lab, he is just adorable, velvety soft, and has puppy breath. Puppies are such a joy. Yes, a lot of work – but they bring a great deal of laughter as well. Each one is unique, each with their own personality and preferences.

   There are nine in this litter, all beautiful little black labs. Meeting them for the first time yesterday, it was a reminder of what charm a litter of healthy and well cared for puppies has. The mother greeted us, still looking silky and shiny even as she cared for her babies. A mass of wiggly fur balls surrounded the food bowls. When they looked up, their little noses were smeared with puppy chow.
   Soon, all were off to explore their yard. Apparently, one had recently found a small inset pond and had fallen in. None repeated the swimming venture when we were there, but they did think it was a lovely water bowl. Puppies ran around our legs, grabbed at fingers and cuddled into our embraces. Two little girls in the litter held their ground and kept their brothers on the alert! Pounce, growl, smush, and there the boys were being sat on by their sisters.
   Puppies are a lot of work. They require care, attention, and a home that is puppy-proofed to keep it free from things which they could either hurt themselves or destroy with those teeth. They need patience as they learn what is and what is not accepted. Quick reminders and corrections, followed by a great deal of praise, and of course a stock of carpet cleaner and paper towels is needed. But, when you get past this, you find that there is a little creature full of love, just waiting to share with you.