Monday, October 18, 2010

Tornado Song

   Just over three years ago, a tornado caused severe tree damage to my home. Around 100 trees were literally picked up and twisted from the earth. Arriving home, I found the yard completely covered in sections by entire trees. It was overwhelming, so much work needed to be done to fix this. A phone call came from a state about 8 hours away. A crew of friends came out and helped work. They drove for hours to work, worked extremely hard the next day, and then left the following day to go back to their jobs. As a way to say thank you, a slideshow/video was put together of the many hands that had served. They did such a tremendous amount of work, both in cleaning up the trees and in raising our flagging spirits. One of the songs on the CD was Chris Tomlin’s God of Wonders. The song recognizes the wonders that God has created on earth.

   I heard that song yesterday during church and it was such a reminder to me of the wonder of God! Every tree that fell either fell away from the house or was angled in such a way as it did not cause major damage. We had many who came and helped, many who worked long hot hours amidst chain saws and logs. In the middle of literally destruction, God’s wonders were many and were overwhelming.
   It is easy when the mess is cleaned back up to forget that wonder and awe. It is easy to forget the feelings of friendship and of persistence to clean up the mess. But, then I heard my tornado song and it all came back. God is a wonder indeed.