Thursday, October 7, 2010

PBS Special

   There was a PBS series last year, or perhaps the year before, where people were chosen to go and live in a recreation of a colonial village, early Texas ranch, or western pioneer homestead. They were put in costumes, given the tools and resources of that time period and then were put forth to fend for themselves. Obviously, it would be a pretty steep learning curve for most of us.

   But, I was thinking about that the other night, when dreaming of Jenny Lake at the Teton Mountains. What would it be like to have a snug little cabin, tucked in among the pines in front of the lake. Open the door and there is Oxbow Bend winding past with otters playing in its current. It might be refreshing to be there, removed from some of the conveniences. Okay, I’ll admit I don’t want to give up all of them. I like central heat and air. I like hot water and washers and dryers. But, I could give up some of it for a while.
   Maybe that should be a PBS special, maybe we should have something where we can remove ourselves from the business of busyness. When else can we stop to think through the beauty of the world around us? When else can we pause to appreciate the beauty of the stars, the joy of the movement of moose through the birches? I like technology, I like connecting with friends and family through facebook, I like the easy way to communicate with text and the handiness of cell phones. But in a moment this morning, I paused to look at the sunrise and wanted a little time to slow down, and appreciate the beauty surrounding us.