Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Through the Lens

   I had several moments in the last few days that made me wish that my camera was handy. Through the view of the lens, the world takes on a different perspective. I would have taken pictures of…

   Three oriental rugs hung up to dry after being cleaned over a large wooden privacy fence. The patterns and colors stood out in stark contrast to the light colored wood. Each rug was a bit different, and in the midday light, the contrasting colors were beautiful.
   The dust from the farm vehicle swirled from the road, over the green wagon, and down the next bank. Corn stalks, just shreds of the golden leaves, would occasionally make their way through the air. As the sun starts making its way lower in the horizon, the remaining corn in the field took on a dusty golden hue.
   Whirling and dipping, a large red tailed hawk landed on a perch of tangled brush. It bobbed its head left and right, examining potential prey scurrying on the ground below. Wings holding a rusty red show of feathers and a beautiful snowy white underneath stretched out powerfully. Lifting into the air, it found the air currents and swirled through the columns of wind.
   Such beauty through the lens.