Sunday, October 24, 2010

Football Etiquette

   I attended a local high school football game last week, had a great time. The kids played really hard, working together as a team. However, I found that some of the folks in the stands might benefit from a little football etiquette.

1. When a player is injured, be quiet. Stop and say a prayer for that person, the parents that have just gone  into full blown adrenaline rush, and their friends that have become worried. I applaud the players who took a knee on the field and the woman who shushed someone near her who was continuing to talk. And as far as the referee who called over the people to measure where the ball was while a player was still down – well, really?

2. There is a pseudo adult section and a student section. The adult section is really full of high school students floating in and out, and younger children who are sitting with their families. So, with that in mind, adults let’s leave the playground language at home. Come and be enthusiastic, emphatic, and have fun! Come and cheer, yell, or clap and stomp. But, check the language at the gate. If you don’t want your children to hear it, chances are that someone else will not want their children to hear it as well.

3. When the band is playing, give them some attention and respect. This is not the free for all run around time. These kids have worked hard, spent hours in practice and learning their parts. The comments about “band kids” are not needed (especially from adults).

4. When you have trash, put it in the trash can. Yes, someone else will clean it up, but it won’t hurt you to do your part.

5. Enjoy the game! Cheer the team on! Clap, stomp, yell, encourage. Enjoy the smell, and perhaps the taste of a hot chocolate and a pretzel with cheese or some nachos.