Sunday, October 17, 2010

Route 66

   A series of highway cut across the country, opening up territory to those who would explore the many beautiful miles of territory. It cut through small towns, and in many places created an economy based on the traffic of the road. I think that that must have been an exciting time, as these small towns flourished and grew. The first time that they would have seen the immense spaces of the western dessert, the rolling flats of the plains states, or the rows of plants in the fields must have been so exciting.

   It has been several years since I found myself on a highway headed west, but I remember being captivated by the scenes outside my window. Sharp bluffs and sudden ravines held herds of cows. Windmills would be around the water troughs, bringing up fresh water for the animals gathered around. Wildflowers grew up in patches in slowly rolling hills, and people could be seen gathering the blooms in a few locations. Fields lined with purple wildflowers went on for miles and smelled so sweet. Trains carrying supplies across the country interlace with depots to add more textiles, corn, and other materials.
   In our own little town, it is easy to forget about the other places, to forget about the miles and miles of beauty that surround us. Every once in a while it’s worthwhile to just get out of town and spend time enjoying the sights.