Sunday, October 10, 2010

Child Like Lessons

   It has been a pleasure the last few days to keep a friends children. Three beautiful girls moved in with clothes, clarinet, and toothpaste. For someone who does not have children in the house very often, it was a blast. I could already see how parenting is a full time job. But, after helping with three little ones for a few days, I had to say I have laughed more and learned some interesting lessons along the way.
   For instance, lullabies and bedtime prayers are sweet quiet times in a busy day. Chalk drawings on the porch are a fun and colorful place to make art. Reading books requires cuddly blankets and snuggly chairs. Strawberries are the perfect topping for a cinnamon vanilla cake. Chalky handprints on a door are really a beautiful thing. A little girls skip through a house just makes you smile. Backpacks, planners, and teachers notes are really for the adult not the child. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to share them for a few days.