Saturday, October 9, 2010


   I had never seen a flood before I moved here. Oh, I have been through two hurricanes, tornadoes, and wild snow storms. But, flood plains were just never part of the topography. Then, I saw my first flood. I was amazed at the volume of water that it was composed of. It could move the bedrock under streets until there was no street there. Houses could topple into the water. Just water, not rapids, just a current but higher volume would move tremendous objects. It seemed to stay at flood level for a long time, the water inching back down so slowly. I’m sure to those who had homes that were now small islands, it was an achingly slow process.

   Sometimes our lives can be a lot like floods. It’s not so much that it suddenly becomes rapids with whitecaps, but that the volume changes and continues to build in pressure. We feel things snap, move, become sodden. And the time it takes for things to change can be so slow that we miss the movement. But, take heart. The waters go down. There is a mess to clean up, but then it’s done. We can rebuild something stronger, better.