Friday, October 15, 2010

Wind Chimes

   I was walking down the side walk and heard wind chimes making sound in the breeze. A soft striking sound followed a beautiful tone ringing out that seemed to just float in the breeze. As I enjoyed the sound, I thought about how wind chimes work. There are these tubes that just hang there. They don’t really make any beautiful sounds until struck, moved by a breeze.

   We often are just like the wind chime tubes. We would just hang there and not make any beautiful sounds, until we are struck by the movement in the wind. Our interactions with others, our movements and conversations can act like the wind. They move the striker along, sometimes softly and sometimes with great force. Without the movement, the sound would not occur. Without the sound, the chime is without purpose.
   Sometimes, we resist the movement, but let’s make music instead.