Monday, October 4, 2010

Stoves and Christmas Trees

   With a favorite season of autumn, it makes sense that I love wood fires, the smell of the smoke and the crackle of the wood. But, even as I sit here and listen to that sound and soak in the heat, my thought is turning already to Christmas decorations. Fall is my favorite season, but I love to decorate for Christmas.

   In the living room, there sits a person size wood burning stove. It’s from around the early 1900s and has maintained its material integrity over the years. The wood is burning in it right now, converted over from a coal stove. Two birds grace the sides, decoratively made of iron and attached as part of the filigree and artistry of the entire piece. Perhaps it was original to the house, but if so it would have been an older item even then. I wonder how many autumns the stove has been through, how many Christmas decorations it could tell us about.
   With a heat that can seep inside each muscle, I am quickly ready for the autumn nights to grow chilly, the skies to show Orion. I will be snug inside, contemplating Christmas decorations.