Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Choosing a Legacy

   Legacies are left, we think of those who have passed on their wisdom to us, their kindness and have helped us grow. These are the people who have taken our hand and helped us along life’s journey. But, how did they ever get to the point where they could do that?

   It takes a choice. It takes a conscious daily choice to make a life where you will grow, seek, and give. It is not some magic formula. Nor is it some elixir that has a label reading, to leave legacy apply regularly for twenty years. It’s not so much about age or title, position or community standing as the goal. It’s about choosing a goal to live your life, not just watch it pass you by, but to live with purpose.
   This is the choice of the important, but not urgent, moments to occur. This is the choice to make memories. This is the choice to focus on growth rather than past failures. This is the choice of integrity in the moment of grey. Make a choice, build your legacy.