Monday, September 27, 2010


   I am a sucker for front porches, especially when they have swings on them. There is just nothing quite like curling up on a front porch swing on a cool autumn day with a soft sweater, good book, and steaming hot chocolate. But, I will admit that right now I am terribly spoiled by my view out of the front of the house. There are pine trees as well as other types of trees, bright yellow and orange marigolds, and sprawling mint and yarrow.

   But, there are two front porches that really stand out to me. One is in a different state. A bluebird house sits off to the side and has a steady flow of feathered visitors winging their way to and from the perch. Rose buses lined the roadway, showing off their colors to the bees. A swing sits to one side, and from there it I have watched the deer come down the hill and graze in the pasture. Frogs in the dusk start their songs and lightning bugs start their light dance flickering through the plants. Slowly, the sky loses the colors of sunset and black of night seeps in deeper. The stars become visible. The breeze is sweet, the sounds are quiet and full of beauty.
   Another is in the town I live in now. It is on a main road, but is completely framed by flowers. Geraniums, peonies, pansies, and morning glories carpet the street view of the porch. Sitting on this porch, you would hear all of the street sounds muffled through the blooms. I can only imagine the perfume of the flowers on the porch, the colors as the sun plays its way through the stems. I would imagine that it would be a beautiful place to read a book.