Monday, February 7, 2011

Between the Game

   I will admit that I am not the biggest football fan out there. It’s not that I’m opposed to football, I just don’t really understand it. I was in band and my personal thought is that the football game is the entertainment for before and after halftime. Okay, okay… I can practically hear people groaning. Anyway, yesterday was the Super Bowl. I watched the interview with the president and the reading of one of our great founding documents.

   The Declaration of Independence, what an amazing document. Written and signed by men who represented colonies of people, nearly separate countries in their thinking and economic planning. This is such an amazing declaration in part because the possible severity of what would have occurred to the signers if the events had been different. If you have never actually read the Declaration of Independence, I would encourage you. There is a list in there of grievances against the king. Stating the complaints, the colonies declared their separation from the thing which was causing the problem.
   Do you need a Declaration of Independence? Do you need to declare yourself separated from the trouble in your life? Where does trouble come from? Well, if God is peace then the opposite of that is being troubled; therefore the devil brings the trouble, sin brings trouble. What do we do then with that realization. I propose that we sign off on the declaration of independence, the acceptance of salvation that God provides us. I hope you enjoyed the game and watched the commercials. But, between the game and commercials and the reassertion of your normal schedule, I hope you think about your declaration of independence.
   Oh, and I will admit – I do enjoy watching my neighbor play football because I can sort of follow him around the field, or at least I am learning to.