Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President’s Day

   Yesterday was President’s Day, which I enjoyed having off from work. In the face of all the historical happenings around the world, it was a striking thing that in the midst of our own turmoil, the powers that be are really quite stable. It’s not a perfect system. There are flaws of people; both arrogance and inadequate information. There are flaws of economy as we have all participated in the economic rollercoaster of the last few years. Differences are vast, in philosophy, communication styles, expectations, and hoped for outcomes.

   In all of this, we have a wonderful connection within our government of stability. Think about how even now, with protests in Wisconsin, there are no tanks rolling in the streets. When the whole hanging chad thing came about with ballots several years ago, there was not a coup d’état or a militant uprising.
   From a collection of men, longing for their families and putting their lives at risk, came a system of government that was impassioned and yet separated to maintain control of power levels. From this small group of ministers, lawyers, businessmen, farmers, and others who went to do their best. They inspired a nation and created documents which are still of great importance. Thank you to all of our Presidents, all of our founders, each person who has worked in the government from the clerk to the senator. I don’t always agree with you, but thank you for serving.