Saturday, February 19, 2011


   I am so grateful for a thick winter coat and warm snow pants when the snow is up to my knees. I can just sit right down in the fluffy white stuff and enjoy it. But, it is difficult to move, my freedom is restricted as the layers that are difficult to maneuver in. Just last night, I took the dog for a walk and enjoyed being outside in sweats and a t-shirt. It felt so good to have that freedom of movement!

   Imagine trying to stay that bundled in warmer temperatures. Not only would it still be bulky, but extremely uncomfortable! But, if that is what I am used to, it would feel strange not to be bundled. I would just think it was normal to feel that way, to feel like I couldn’t really move about. I think sin is something like that in our lives. We are born into sin, a thick blanket and coat of the familiar and the corrupt. When we are saved through grace, it is as if those layers have been stripped away and we are suddenly blessed with freedom of movement.
   It may feel strange, even fearful. But, we are blessed with freedom in God to be un-bundled from sin and instead provided freedom in grace.