Monday, February 14, 2011


   I just had my very first skype conversation, with wonderful friends who live 8 hours away. That is so cool! Imagine being able to hear each other and see each other at the same time. March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone. That must have been such a culture shattering moment, as sound was transmitted over space from person to person. Imagine people who have never heard the voice of a loved one after moving away, being able to speak and hold conversations. The possibility of the technology was truly astounding. Now, just over 100 years later a tiny lens is built into my computer along with a microphone, and I talked to friends states away!
   Alexander Graham Bell never had the opportunity to see something like Skype and web cams, but I wondered if he dreamed of the potential possibilities the communication would one day arrive at. Now, that we have this, I wonder what will be next. Let’s keep dreaming and inventing and exploring. Maybe one day it will be a hologram or better yet, a transporter!