Friday, February 18, 2011


As the snow is melting and the air warming up, we had a thick blanket of fog one morning this week. Soon, the knee high snow outside my front door changed to puddles. A combination of the fog making the sky look opaque and the water in the puddle being still led to a reflection of the trees in the water. I noticed the puddle and how the trees were reflected on that wet surface, not a perfect representation – but a representation none the less. As I moved around the puddle, trying to skirt it and avoid getting mud on my dress shoes (a.k.a. work shoes), the reflective image changed. The more I moved, the more it changed.

I started thinking about what I am supposed to be a reflection of. When people look at me, I want them to see a reflection of God. But, if they continue on around the puddle of me, what else do they see? Do they see circumstances reflected or God moving through them? Do they see my failings or God working through them? Do they see my successes or God using them? I want to be like a puddle, clear and a smooth surface for God to be reflected on.