Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a Way to Occupy Your Time

   We had a blizzard and ended up with giant snow drifts here and there and, well – just about everywhere. After we tackled the driveway and cleaned around the car, there was time to come in and warm up. Personally, I have enjoyed the quiet day as work was even closed with the poor weather conditions. But, I understand that there are a few folks that were bored with everything being shut down.

   When I was a little girl, my mother had a cure for boredom. If I approached her and told her that I was bored, she would ever so sweetly send me off to dust. I didn’t have to dust that long, but any complaints of boredom it led to a dusting cloth in my hand. So, for any of you that might be having a quiet day and don’t want to dust, I thought perhaps I could provide a few ideas for something to do.
1. Dust – I just had to throw that in

2. Go play in the snow
3. Try a new recipe
4. Create something with an art project
5. Read a book
6. Play a game
7. Talk to a friend
8. Provide a neighbor with some snow removal assistance
9. Spend some time in prayer
10. Brush the dogs
11. Go take pictures of the wintry scenes
12. Take up sledding
13. Run a long hot bath with lots of bubbles
14. Take a nap in the sun
15. Write a thank you note – I’m sure you can find someone to thank
    Hope that you don’t have to spend a snow day dusting.