Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raspberry Mocha

   I’m a person who needs sleep. If I want to be functional, not grumpy, and not ready to cry at the drop of the hat then I need a good amount of sleep. Lately, my schedule has been a bit crazy and left me with less sleep than normal. Yesterday, I found myself struggling with being cranky out of being tired and knowing that what I really wanted was to not just get out of bed. By lunch time, I felt like I was wading in deeper and deeper water and losing ground. It was time for extreme measures! A raspberry mocha – with an extra shot of espresso was my solution. The lady looked at me kind of funny when I ordered the extra espresso. “Ummm…. You know, that will be four shots?” I told her that that was okay and headed out with my extra caffeinated raspberry flavor treat.

   What is so sad is that this highly caffeinated yummy drink lasted did perk me up, for about four hours. And then, I could feel the tide returning and I resumed dragging myself along. “Must sleep!! Must sleep!!! O bed, where art thou!” Okay, I know I’m being a bit melodramatic, but it is really amazing how we require certain things to function.
   We need food for energy and strength. Sleep and rest is absolutely necessary for functioning. Certain minerals, vitamins – they provide good growth and help with good bone and joint health. Shelter, water, heat, clothing, each part is like an important puzzle piece, where all together it makes it work.
   We need each other as well; companionship, caring, and friendship also play a part; as we are not meant to be solitary creations. We also play a part in our differences, as the different pieces work together to create something new. But, just like the need for sleep, we have to be aware of our diversities and look for ways to use them as part of a whole, not see them just for their separations.