Sunday, February 20, 2011


   I love quiet alone time in my car. It’s sort of my me and God time, minus the phone (no texting you know), limited distractions, and no other people in my car. I hit the button, turn off the radio and love to just talk with God. Yesterday, I was looking forward to that time, knowing I would have probably around forty five minutes in my car with a few errands and then getting to go see a friend play basketball. Heading down the road, I turned off the radio and started thanking God for his provision.

   As I thought back over the last few years, it struck me afresh how deep down prayers, groaned at the throne of the Heavenly Father, had been answered. I felt my eyes welt up, a good thing I was turning into the parking lot! The thing that really hit me was that when I was pouring out my heart a few years ago, I never would have guessed at how the answer would have shown up. And yet, it’s a perfect fit for me. It amazes me over and over when God does that. I could never have planned this this well, and it was a matter of trust and patience. God’s provision really is amazing.