Wednesday, February 2, 2011


   I have been told that there was a blizzard the year I was born. But, as I was not actually born yet, I can’t say that I remember it. Yesterday, the snow started flying here with a strong wind blowing. Pretty little star shaped flakes that lightly landed on my coat in the morning suddenly became whipping little stingers of ice. The snow kept piling up around the front door.

   Snow was piling higher and higher around the front of the house, and it was a great deal of fun watching the dogs try and work their way through it. But, the majority of the time was not spent outside – it was spent warm and cozy inside. With a yellow lab curled up next to me, curled into the curve of the back of the couch and snoozing along quite happily. A wood stove put out a wonderful heat that seeks into you and warms in it’s wonderful unique way. A cinnamon and a pine candle provide a sweet smell to the room. If this is how blizzards go, I’m okay with it.
   As an aside – thanks to all of those who are not able to be at home or someplace warm during the blizzard because they are at work. Thank you to the emergency workers, the police officers, the power and water folks, the street cleaners, and all of the other workers that keep working even when we are in the middle of a blizzard.