Thursday, April 7, 2011


   My dogs make me laugh.  They are such a big part of my life, full of joy, slobbery kisses, and paw holding.  But, one of the characteristics that I just love the most are the ways they explore the world around them.  I have the tendency to just gloss over the details in places I see every day.  Don’t ask me what someone else wore, because unless it really caught my eye – there is a good chance I won’t notice.  I have to really catch my attention and bring it into focus with a purpose for detail to really notice them. The dogs on the other hand… I think they notice everything.  Megan notices everything that goes in the house, especially if it involves the treat door.  I think she has a special alarm hard wired into her ears to go off – “treat door opening, treat door opening, approach treat door with caution and sad puppy face.”    She takes it all in, holding up her head like some dignitary and observes her realm.  Megan even notices when I put on my tennis shoes, work shoes, or am barefoot.  They all mean something different to her and they are clues to how her day is going.  Sierra takes in all the motion in bushes.  She will stick her head into the bushes and soon birds will go flying from them.   And she loves lights, dancing and prancing around the bushes whenever the lights are to be turned on.   Snowflakes are carefully selected from across the yard to be chased down with delight.  Buddy is the youngest and notices everything, birds flying, sounds from the computer, the water bowl being filled.  They all take such great notice of their world and know the details.  I love my furry explorers.  They know so much and notice so much in their environment.  They are beautiful explorers.