Friday, April 1, 2011

Sheldon and Mr. B

   Two turtles live in a pen/tank at the local nature center. Mr. B is a pretty green, with the traditionally shaped chiseled looking turtle head. He stretches out his neck to look at visitors and fans his delicate looking clawed toes through the water. The shell is arched and covers his body, providing protection from any wild and crazy spectator that might approach.

   Sheldon is the other turtle in the tank. A soft shelled turtle, rather greenish grey, he is shaped differently than other turtles that I am used to seeing. Flatter and his shell fits more as a covering for the body, not as a hiding place. Sheldon is a bit wider, with a tuberous nosed face. He looks completely different.
   They are both turtles. They both are made to look exactly like that type of turtle looks.
   I pass around a dozen people a day in a walk from work to my car. Each one looks different. They are all people, but completely unique. While you determine if you are a fan of Sheldon or Mr. B or both, don’t lose sight that they are both turtles – and we are both people.