Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Time Between

   Between the silence of Good Friday and the slow crescendo of praise on what we know as Easter, I wonder what it sounded like between. But, not only in Jerusalem, but in heaven. As the tragedy of the sinless Christ taking on the sin of the world passed, I wonder what it sounded like in heaven.

   I know a bit of who God is, what He is like. I know that He is not the creator of panic and despondency that literally sucks up hope like a black hole sucks up light. He is source of hope, of joy, of the perfect plan. I can imagine with knowing that, that heaven’s citizens gathered around to praise God. Not to rejoice in the pain and suffering, but to marvel at the majesty of the sacrifice of love that was made. I imagine Jesus speaking to the thief who had joined him the day before in paradise. Perhaps providing a tour or introducing him to the actual Moses whose words he had most likely heard most of his life. I can imagine the people gathering to Jesus, those who He had healed, touched, or ministered to during his lifetime. Stories could have been passed, “do you remember when…” I can imagine God the Father greeting His Son. The Holy Spirit could have joined them in a close embrace, as the plan that they had enacted together was changing so drastically for people.
   I would imagine that the praise started much sooner in heaven on earth. And on earth, it was a time of doubt and fear.