Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wedding Feast

   I have read the story of the wedding feast in the Bible many times, how the celebration occurred and the water that turned to wine. But, yesterday I attended a wedding feast where I watched such joy and celebration that it was indeed the turning of two into one.

   There have been several weddings I have had the pleasure of attending, some that were extremely personally important to me. The groom saw the bride and his face just beamed. Flowers, carefully picked out and arranged around a carefully chosen color scheme echo the personal preference of the couple. The music, cake, dress, suit, etc.. – they have all been so carefully chosen. This wedding had all of those, but this one was unique in a really wonderful way.
   Sitting at the reception, the toasts begin. A heartfelt toast from two brothers and a sister leave us laughing and reflecting about the couple. Then, the bride and groom took a moment with the mic to address their guests. I’ve never heard an altar call at a wedding, but this one had one. Wow! In no way did this diminish the moment of this couple, or reduce the attention on them. But, instead it was such a beautifully powerful reminder of the love Christ has for his bride, the Church. Many congratulations to the new couple. I hope they can look back on their wedding day with great memories and one day hear how seeds they planted on that day took root.