Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Noise to Quiet

   It’s taken several years, a lot of practice, and literally holding onto my Bible and clutching at the verses inside, but I have learned to appreciate some quiet time. There were the times when, if I was alone, I would have the TV turned up, the CD player playing, and singing along at the top of my lungs. It wasn’t so much that I was afraid of being alone at that time; it was that the quiet got to me. It was so quiet it was loud and pounded in my ears.

   I’m not even sure when it happened; though I do know it happened slowly, when the quiet did not become such a difficult thing. When that happened, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the quiet, the relaxing I found inside of it. The sweetness of the quiet, to hear myself think and even better to listen to the voice that urges me to “be still.” Now, I find that I look to turn off the phone, unplug from the craziness of a packed schedule, turn off the TV, and enjoy the comfort of a quiet book on the front porch with sunshine.
   When I find the noise of life filling my “ears” back up I am now more comfortable with the hush. It is a friend, a comfort that is welcomed.