Saturday, April 9, 2011

Practicing Patience Makes For….

   Practice makes perfect, and I’m practicing patience. Somehow, I’ve not arrived at perfect patience yet. Patience, so elusive, and yet desirable to have. Why? Because it will make things smoother or less stressful? Because it is a virtue? Can’t I just have patience – you know, right now this instant? I’m practicing patience with a knee injury. A stumble in November still leaves me with a knee that is now taped, braced, and iced on a daily basis with physical therapy exercises to do. They urge me in physical therapy to have patience, it takes time to rebuild muscle. Arrrggghhh!!! I want to not hurt, to be able to trust the next step.

   So, in the middle of physical therapy exercises, and the restraint not to just throw the tape in the trash, I’m trying to practice patience. Practice, keep trying, forward movement that is intentional though not always perfect. Hopefully this will be something that is fixed soon and I can toss the tape and put away the brace. But in the meantime, I will be attempting to continue the practice of patience and put away the grumbling.