Sunday, April 10, 2011


   I heard a friend coin a term that I just loved, a “Stay-cation”. A vacation where you stay at home. It may mean a complete break from everything or just stepping away from the normal responsibilities of life to enjoy a break. When I mentioned this to another friend, she wanted to know if I ever felt guilty when I declared these mini-vacation where I don’t actually vacate. I have to say, “no”. A resounding, great big no!

   We live in a world driven by doing. Every moment seems to be taken with doing something, not necessarily doing something productive, just doing something. Wonderful technology that can keep us connected can also become burdensome after a while. The constant connection, constant movement, it can be quite overwhelming. When I am in the middle of the busy times, when I can’t seem to do more than juggle the calendar, I remember how Jesus took his disciples away. They would move away from the people, the burdens, the demands, and the needs. They would be guided away for times of teaching, of a mental and emotional breather.
    I hope that if you need a break, that you will schedule it in, schedule it into the business of your calendar.