Friday, October 30, 2009

The Debt

How many commercials have you heard on the radio, television, seen in the paper or internet – discussing the status of your checkbook? Somehow they always either seem to be promoting a way either out of debt or into buying something else.
Regardless of where you stand on personal debt or the current economic state, there are debts that we all have. One is a debt to each other, the “debt to continue to love one another.” Now, you may be familiar with the idea about loving your neighbor. But, to consider it a debt; this is going a step farther than many of us think or are perhaps prepared to think. And, not only a debt – but a continuing debt.
I know some people who would practically feel their skin crawl at this moment, claiming independence as their greatest strength. Yet, here we have a “continual debt” given to us. The task that we use to fulfill this debt is to love each other. Not an easy task that we have in front of us.
I understand that there will be at least 20 other women I have the pleasure of meeting and worshipping with in thirteen days. There will be a task before each of us, to love one another. A debt to love one another: being patient, kind, not jealous or proud, not boastful, not demanding our own way, but rejoicing with each other. Not giving up on each other, but always hoping and enduring.