Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wild Things

In my life, there are two beautiful Labrador retrievers, a chocolate brown lab that is older and quite reserved and a younger yellow lab pup. 

Megan, the chocolate, is my princess pup who holds herself in reserve, not wanting to do anything quite as common as running through mud puddles.  It’s really quite funny to open the door and watch her look out, look at me as if to say – “Ewwwww I will get my feet wet, I’ll hold it.  Thank you very much!”  Actually, she’s a lot tougher than most realize as she is also the one who has evicted (rather forcefully and permanently) a few of the neighboring groundhogs.  Megan has gotten lost overnight once, and that can be real stress for this pampered pooch (not to mention her person).  But, the thrill of the chase filled her mind and she went over a low fence, through neighbor yards until quite lost.  The next day, we got her back from the local Humane Society, where she was deposited after a ride in a police car.  I understand that she tried to get into the local ER – smart girl, headed for lights and people!  Yes, my sweet pampered girl has fully recovered from her moment of stress.  Now, it’s back to princess Megan, who watches TV (yes she really does know what is on the TV), prefers pillows and likes to be talked to.  I have a feeling that she humors me about half the time, the puppy the other half, but secretly wants to be in the center of attention – so long as she doesn’t have to get her feet wet that is.
Sierra, the Super Puppy, is not even a year old yet, but has these long legs that just won’t stop growing.  If you aren’t familiar with labs, they are puppies for two years, and require a substantial store of patience in that time. However, if you can hold on (and keep a large supply of chew toys and trash bags), you can have a great dog at the end of that time.  Sierra, is a blur much of the time as she is full of energy in every fiber, and is either full go or sound asleep.  Just like any other kid, she wants to play and lots of attention.  However, any of Megan’s disdain for dirt is bounded right over by Sierra as she finds the biggest mud puddles to jump and roll in.  That dirt may even be worth the bath that surely will follow.  Actually, the furry energy blur is quite loving and is eager to say hello and good-morning and come play with me.  It’s just that her approach is not always appreciated as it normally means that 70 plus pounds are flailed at you with four feet and a big sloppy kiss all at the same time.  And just like any other little energy filled wild child, she is absolutely adorable when asleep. 
They are the Wild Things, the sweet furry things, the table clearing (thus the trash bags) things, the bed sleeping pillow hog things, they are the sweet and wet dog kiss giver things, and always happier when they are with their people things.  Yes, they are the wild things – the personality filled, big expressive eyed, carrot and green bean loving things.  They are the wild things with a big spot in my heart.