Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lyrics & Songs

Last night I heard four women raise their voice in song, musicians lift instruments to their mouths and fill them with air or graze them with their hands and pure beauty come out. Sitting on the edge of my sweet, I could feel my body surrender to the rhythm, swaying in my stadium style seat, toe tapping the metal flooring, and hands clapping together. When these four women sang together, when the violinist joined them – there was something so incredible about the combination, sweet as honey and smooth as a spring rain.

I watched and thought about how these great talents required the musicians and women to step out at some point in their lives, to make a choice. If we knew we would not fail, what risks would we take? How many more entrepreneurs would their be, how many more explorers, how many more adventurers? You know the adventurer who writes a book, paints a picture, or sings a song.

If I would take an adventure, an expedition, a journey, or even a step and knew that it was both God’s will and could not fail – what would I do? Oh – the possibilities! And how inspiring these women were.