Saturday, October 24, 2009

Highways of Light

Most of my life, I have lived away from my extended family.  This means that there were seasonal trips, varying in hours of length, along highways back to where family lives.  As a little girl, sitting in the back seat of our car, I would watch the street lights go past.  Light, fade, fade, light, fade, fade, light fade, fade.  There were stretches where those carefully placed lights seemed to form another roadway above us.
Last night, out in the fall rain, the pavement caught the light of lamps, car lights, and windows.  They reflected back up into the light autumn rain, creating a haze that if you watched carefully would show you specks of color, pulses of light.  It brought back the idea of highways of light to my mind.  Sitting there, buckled into the back seat of my parents car, those light posts looked as if they were stretching out the foundations of a dual path, a roadway made of light.