Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad Rap of Four Letter Words

If I say the expression “four letter words” the words which flit to your mind probably aren’t of the best quality. Oh, they might be colorful and certainly not used according to their definition, but do four letter words get a bad rap? Personally, one of my biggest four letter words is… math. Yes, math! What can I say, it’s not my subject. So, let me challenge you to consider the four letter words, perhaps we could infuse a few ones into our vocabulary.

Love          Hope              Keep        Idea     Moon                
            Live                                     Find          Jump                       Life
    Kind           Soil       Made                    Door              Rain                              Fire
       Week             Good          Mine                     Over                        Sail                   Bind
Your                  Word                              Care                             Kite               Able                   Bold     
         Edge                     Walk                 Rose                   Open                                    
    Tear                             Tent                             Book                               Flit                        Time   
                   Save   Born             Drop                                    Even                              Faith