Sunday, August 29, 2010

People Watching

   The coffee machine was wushing; there were the soft clinks of metal silverware striking porcelain plates. A Panini was in the back being pressed for me, and while I waited with great anticipation amidst wonderful smells, I took the opportunity to do a little people watching. It seemed like someone could write a fictional novel based off of those who came in that day. And perhaps a summary of their stories would go like:

   A student came in and chose coffee and dessert. An enormous smile was plastered on her face at the prospect of well flavored caffeine and sugar. Soon, her friend joined her and they walked with the flip flop heel popping sounds to their table. It was one of the last little vestiges of summer freedom before school started back again. Freedom was slipping away and this student was thoroughly enjoying it.
   The lightly pressed black pants and tailored blouse spoke her professional status. Rounded toe heels created a nice swing of the hem. The haircut was modern, neatly falling about in short layers. Her menu choices seemed to speak of calorie counting, until the large coffee creation with cream came out. I imagined that she was heading into a series of afternoon meetings that were going to be draining and needed the boost to make it through.
   His hair was showing grey under felted brown hat, blue jeans, and loafers spoke his comfort. A newspaper on the table, a cup of coffee in hand, everyone seemed to know this fellow. The regular, whose order is known by his face as he walks in. Familiar conversations and jokes were shared back and forth over the sputtering of the milk being steamed.
   Two women sat at a table, deep in conversations. This was not the quick lunch time conversation of two co-workers, but the conversation of two friends. They were relaxed with each other, tasting their lunches and then comparing notes. They showed no signs of leaving, enjoying the sunny day and the shady spot at the table instead.
   A little girl in a summer dress was brought in by a mother. She took in all of the foods displayed with wide eyes and a quiet, but eager face. This was a big moment for this long haired twirly dress girl. She looked around, perhaps scoping out which food she wanted. Her mother ordered and they left for a table. She clung closely to her mother’s jeans, but with time will be off exploring on her own.