Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Day

   School is starting back up across the country. Some started last week and some are still a week or two out, but over the next month school doors will be opened. Don’t you remember the first days of school? It was a mix of excitement and uncertainty, in dreading that summer was over and yet perhaps secretly glad that the routine is going back into place. Lockers and cubby holes, book bags, school supplies, and text books that seem to grow exceedingly heavier as the grades progress greeted me at the door. I remember looking forward to music class in elementary school. We sang the 50 state song and other songs as well. The teacher would always introduce themselves and start setting up some expectations of the year. The class clown was well, being a clown. And there were incessant songs about new shoes in third grade (not my favorite thing).
    Then, my perspective shifted as I was preparing the classroom for the students. Materials had been prepared over the course of the summer. Posters had been hung with a pound of sticky tack goo and seating charts had been prepared carefully. In the days leading up to the start of school, it was quiet in that room. I remember studiously preparing my lesson plans (which got a little less formal in writing as the year progressed). There was excitement and nervousness as we waited for students to come in.
   As the teachers prepare for a new school year, as the students reluctantly drag themselves in from the summer freedoms, I hope you all have a wonderful school year. Not only full of learning, but also complete with friendships, laughter, and conquerable challenges.