Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebration Choice

   I caught a bit of the news the other day, and then remembered why I don’t generally watch the news. Wow, there is a lot of hurt and anger and general yuck out there! So, in the midst of this, it would be so incredibly easy to become lost in problem. So, with all of that, with all of the everyday difficulties we face, how do we celebrate?

   I think it’s a choice. I think that we choose to celebrate the small things. We must choose to celebrate moments with friends, puppy dog wiggles, the smell of fresh herbs and spices, the feel of a good batter, and the sounds of baby birds. We must choose to celebrate small and large efforts and successes. We must choose to celebrate achievements, moments of overcoming struggles, and the steps we take to move forward. We must choose to celebrate.
   I’m not a morning person and like my coffee. Once I wake up, I can take in the day, and try to have a mindset of celebrating the day. It’s not always a success. Earlier this week, I had a back ache and was just a grump. I tried really hard not to be grumpy, but simply wanted to go back to bed. What do I do in the midst of pain or struggles? Well, I did take care of myself – the massage and ice pack and hot bath combos were very helpful. I can celebrate that I am able to do that. So, it’s a choice to celebrate or something else. Choose to celebrate.