Monday, August 2, 2010

Reverse Paranoia

       I saw this idea on a t-shirt and just loved it. It was something about being a Reverse Paranoiac, “I believe people are secretly conspiring to make me happy.” After I had laughed my way through the rest of the catalog, I found myself thinking of that idea every once in a while for the next couple of weeks. Something would happen and I would have a little laugh in the back of my head as my Reverse Paranoiac came out. Let’s see, they don’t like that concept? Sure they do! They are just waiting for the right time to spring it on me how much they love it. Or maybe I’ll come in someplace and find balloons and confetti just because! Okay, before I roll out the full blown ticker tape parade, I will admit that that is not the way that we typically think. Instead, it’s normally the fear of someone who is out to get us, someone who is going to step on or over us. Business is regularly called a dog eat dog world. Enough companies have vernacular inherent to this type of mind set that our market place even encourages it at times. But, what if we did act that way?

       What if you came to your office and had a sincere thank you note for just giving it your best during a hard day? What if you came home and found someone had cleaned out the refrigerator because they noticed it needed done and wanted to surprise you? It’s really the concept of serving and then standing back to watch the results. The results, by the way, are really fun to watch. If you have a chance to do something to be a reverse paranoiac for someone, make their day.